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Therapist Bio

Exhale. There are a million thoughts running through your mind as you look for the right therapist. Not to mention the reason you're seeking therapy. How can you tell who will suit you best? Should you close your eyes and pick at random? Maybe your job has been demanding, and relationships feel like work. Maybe school is becoming increasingly stressful, or you just need someone to talk to. There is no “wrong” reason to seek therapy. Whether you have specific issues you need to process, or you’re simply not feeling like yourself, we can work on personal growth and sustainable coping skills that will benefit your lifestyle.
One of my primary strategies to achieve this is by helping you pinpoint your values, and uncover patterns that no longer serve you. From there we can collaborate to identify tools and behaviors that will help your outside world match the inside.
You’re making your best effort to have it all together, but life is a lot to manage. We all deserve to have a moment of exhale in the midst of our busy schedules to process life or manage anxiety, stress or low mood. Allow me to meet you where you’re at.



  • West Bend

  • Telehealth

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