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Dawn Klug
MSN, RN, Counseling Intern

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Therapist Bio

You are the author of your life, and your journey is uniquely yours. Walking alongside you through your healing journey would be an honor and privilege. I have been where you are, and my greatest desire is to help others overcome painful experiences, trauma, depression, anxiety, or whatever is hurting your heart to work toward healing. The work is hard, but it's worth it, and it's never too late. No matter what walk of life you are in you will find only mercy, compassion, truth and love, just like Jesus. Before you click on the next profile, I ask, "Do you want to be well?" John 5:6

I am qualified to support clients ages 5 to 105 with my 15-plus years of experience as a nurse and a soon-to-be Psychiatric NP graduate to provide you with whole-person care of mind, body, and soul. Therapies include cognitive, dialectal, and mindfulness. We will walk this journey together hand in hand, and heart to heart. Hope is found in healing!

Although expertise in multiple therapies may support your journey, finding what works best for you is essential. You will have a partner who can empathize with the twists and turns of life, a good ear for listening, and a warrior's way of overcoming hardships for peace of mind. Are you ready to begin your journey to healing? Let's get started!



  • Hartford

  • West Bend

  • Telehealth

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