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Gary Probst
Psy.D, LPC

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Therapist Bio

Is anxiety an issue? I focus on overthinking people, from high-functioning autism (Asperger's or being Neurodivergent) to those with just anxiety. I teach online for two major universities, including classes on Psychopharmacology. I can be an excellent resource for your psychiatrist or general practice doctor in helping you with medications. I am also the Executive Director of a 10-location counseling nonprofit in Wisconsin. I am licensed in Wisconsin and Arizona. I also handle people with mood disorders, life coaching, career coaching, and business coaching. Let's talk, online, or in Hartford or West Bend.

With a Doctorate in Psychology and two master's degrees, one in Management & Leadership, I can help people to become their very best. I utilize personality typing to guide people toward real purpose in their lives and avoid mistakes in employment and relationships. Services include career coaching, executive development & business counseling.

Knowledge has limited value, without compassion. I am known for my deep level of compassion and desire to help others. I have a special affinity for people struggling with ASD. So, you are like Musk, Einstein, and Tesla? More like Mr. Spock than Captain Kirk? Good. I would love to talk with you.

Specialties include: working with neurodivergent people.



  • Hartford

  • West Bend

  • Telehealth

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