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Therapist Bio

I can help you through the messiness of life. Stress, anxiety, grief, fear, and uncertainty are just some of the many experiences that can knock any of us down and leave us wondering where to turn. No one should have to face life’s struggles alone. Counseling can help.

I believe in meeting clients where they are and providing a compassionate environment to generate well-being. Through drawing on your strengths, we can understand and process difficult emotions, gently confront and modify unhelpful negative ways of thinking, and engage in healthy coping skills and activities.

I understand how alone life can leave you feeling. From my own counseling journey to my professional experiences, I can attest that these feelings and circumstances do not have to persist. There is hope, and life does get better. I look forward to walking with you on your journey toward healing.​



  • Mukwonago

  • Telehealth

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