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Katrina Anderson

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Therapist Bio

I believe that finding a good therapist is about finding hope during hard times. Depression and anxiety are just a few examples of how distress can manifest in our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Therapy isn't about telling a client what to do or how to feel, but rather helping them gain a better understanding of why they - or a loved one - may be feeling or behaving in a particular way. I also hold a special passion for helping women who need mental health support during pregnancy and postpartum.

I strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental, and empathetic place for you to come and work through whatever issues life has thrown your way. I am solution-focused in my therapy approach and commonly use a combination of CBT, DBT, and psychoeducation in sessions, as well as play therapy with my younger clients.

While this is a newer career for me, my passion for mental health began many years ago. I look forward to sharing the knowledge I've accumulated as you navigate your own journey. Reaching out for help is a brave thing - contact me today!

Specialties include: pregnancy/postpartum counseling, anxiety, mood disorders.



  • Menomonee Falls

  • Telehealth

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