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Katy Marver

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Therapist Bio

Entering into counseling takes both courage and vulnerability. I treat children, teens, adults, families, and couples, using an approach of trust and mutual respect, believing that every person is doing the best they can and has the ability to grow and learn. Identifying and drawing forth personal skills and strengths as well as an action plan for change is crucial for problem resolution. I address all areas to self-healing, working with body, mind, and Spirit. People are whole beings and all areas truly are connected.

I have trained with Stephen J. Bavolek, PhD, and I am certified in his Nurturing Parenting Program. Parenting can be tough, AND it can also be the most rewarding job you will ever have! I am invested in empowering families to create respectful, supportive homes in which everyone is accountable for their actions and is acknowledged for their strengths.

There are times when words just don't cut it. These are the times art therapy and/or guided meditation are preferred. I have found guided meditation particularly helpful with body image, fertility and pregnancy. Art and play therapy are a must with kids and teens because of their unique ability to relate to the world in metaphors.

Specialties include: anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief.



  • Hartford

  • West Bend

  • Telehealth

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