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Meet Our Health Professionals in Brookfield

Lifespan Psychological Services

13035 W. Bluemound Rd. Suite 100
Brookfield, WI 53005

Main Office: (262) 223-6125

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Dr. Gary Probst is co-founder of The Matthew Project, Inc.

The Matthew Project, Inc.,  provides services to the people of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Dr. Probst is a graduate of Liberty University with MAs in Professional Counseling and Management & Leadership and a Psy.D. from CalSouthern. He is also a local business owner who followed his passion for helping others through a counseling effort.  He is a NAMI Counselor Educator.



Using holistic and integrative approaches, Amy has worked closely with clients suffering from various levels of trauma, sexual addictions, partners' recovery and childhood issues. Amy is an effective, caring and adaptable counselor with previous experience in private client consulting business. She's a mindful listener and strategic thinker with the ability to manage the many facets of client's concerns and goals. She aids in developing effective and efficient options, plans and action steps.
Seeing the uniqueness of others, Amy fosters creating awareness and motivation in her clients. A lifelong learner with many experiences from which to draw, she respects and identifies the many layers of trauma symptoms, and is willing to work outside the box in healing modalities.

Specialties include: sexual addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, partner's recovery.

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I am passionate about integrating Biblical principles into my counseling practice. I believe God's Word is absolute truth and that the Bible is the most accurate book ever written concerning the human condition and human behavior.

I believe that the careful examination of applicable scripture and continual prayer are vital to helping my clients to overcome their problems, issues, disorders, and addictions. I only utilize aspects of secular theories, methods, and techniques that do not contradict Biblical principles.

*I offer telehealth!

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You know you deserve a better life. Whether you are stuck in the past and need help healing, or are unsure of how to move forward into an uncertain future, I can help! I’m Lynn, and I am a licensed professional counselor in training with 13 years of experience in social services. You deserve to be met with compassion and empathy as you navigate through your concerns around relationships, manage the demands of daily life, process traumas, and achieve your goals. You will learn new skills to improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and reframe your thinking.

I work with people all across the lifespan, and particularly enjoy working with adolescents and young adults. I work with individuals to combat anxiety, OCD, mood disorders, grief, trauma and more. I am experienced in working with individuals with developmental disabilities.

You deserve to be cared for and heard. When you are ready, I’d love to hear from you and help you on your path. Immediate appointment openings available.

Specialties: OCD, anxiety, grief, trauma.

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My legal name is Tou (pronounced two), but I've been going by Chad for much of my adult life. I like helping young adults and kids figure life out. Growing up and even now, it has been difficult for me to balance the instability of life with whatever emotional turmoil comes with those challenges. Simply having someone to speak to and help you process through those frustrations is incredibly helpful. I didn't always have that person to talk to about my struggles and so I have made it my life goal to be that resource for everyone else!
Dealing with anxiety and depression, and simply having a safe space to cry and someone to encourage you in that moment, those are all things that I wanted help with and those are the things that I wish to provide to people who seek my services.
Reaching out to someone and asking for help is one of the most challenging things to do, but it is the first major step towards truly blossoming into who you are meant to be. It's a long process, but I'm willing to walk with you through it all if you're willing to let me. Reach out via email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

*I offer telehealth!

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Exceptional at listening and identifying the root causes behind what a person is going through, Elizabeth has a deep passion to see clients get to a place of finding answers and joy in their life. It’s a big step to trust someone to provide counsel. Elizabeth recognizes that and is determined to meet you where you’re at with compassion, wisdom, and practical steps.

With expertise in helping clients navigate depression, anxiety, trauma, thoughts of self-harm, substance abuse, and relationship struggles, she’s walked through. As a Christian, she can also counsel from a biblical perspective if you so choose. Elizabeth has a heart to serve your needs and would love to schedule a time to see how she can come alongside you.

*I offer telehealth!

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