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Amy is a Counselor who received her Masters of Science in Professional Counseling through Concordia University of Wisconsin. Using holistic and integrative approaches, she has worked closely with clients suffering from various levels of trauma, sexual addictions, partners' recovery and childhood issues. Amy is an effective, caring and adaptable Counselor with previous experience in private client consulting business. She's a mindful listener and strategic thinker with the ability to manage the many facets of client's concerns and goals. She aids in developing effective and efficient options, plans and action steps.

Seeing the uniqueness of others, Amy fosters creating awareness and motivation in her clients. A life long learner with many experiences from which to draw, she respects and identifies the many layers of trauma symptoms, and is willing to work outside the box in healing modalities.

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The decision to become a counselor came when Susan saw the need in her community for greater mental health services. Knowing how counseling has benefited her personally, Susan wanted to find a way to help others who are experiencing difficult times in their lives. She has ten years of experience as an elementary school teacher and nine years of experience as a criminal law paralegal. Susan has also managed a successful small business in Texas and was a caregiver to a family member through end of life care with Hospice. Her wide variety of career experiences have equipped her with life experiences and understanding for those experiencing difficulties in their lives. 

Susan favors cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems therapy, mindfulness, and strengths-based counseling.  As a life-long Lutheran she offers counseling from a Christian perspective to clients who seek faith-based guidance. She feels that counseling is not just a quick fix to feel better but instead a safe space for clients to explore themselves and gain insight on their life.   The most rewarding change comes when you are willing to explore patterns that began long ago to get to the bottom of an issue. Susan uses a no-nonsense approach to therapy, helping her clients find relief and improve their lives.

Susan has experience helping adults and teens with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, hospice care, grief, and adjusting to new situations.  Susan also has experience helping those who are experiencing the uncertainty of legal issues both in family court and criminal matters.  She has a passion helping those with ADHD, anxiety, depression, trauma history and complex PTSD.

Susan is joined in the office some days by her Golden Retriever Cooper Willie.  He is a therapy dog in training.  Cooper enjoys belly scratches and being brushed.

          Susan has a Master’s Degree in in Professional Counseling from Concordia University Wisconsin.  Her Bachelors in Elementary Education with a Minor in Lutheran Theology was earned in 1997 from Concordia University Austin (Now, Concordia University Texas).  Susan is under the direct supervision of Dr. Gary Probst.

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Katrina strives to provide a safe, non-judgmental, and empathetic place to come and work through whatever issues life has thrown your way that are causing distress.  She wants her clients to feel hope that things can improve, and she will work with you to find solutions and coping mechanisms that can help improve your day-to-day quality of life.

Katrina has a specific passion and interest in Postpartum mental health including postpartum depression, anxiety, and OCD.  Other areas of focus include depression and anxiety as well as psychoeducation around both her client’s own mental health and/or the mental health of their loved ones.  Mental illness can have an impact on all of our relationships, but it doesn’t have to ruin them.  Therapy isn’t about telling a client what to do or how to feel, but rather helping them gain a better understanding of why they – or a loved one – may be feeling or behaving in a particular way.  Katrina uses a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.  She is currently working under the supervision of Dr. Gary Probst and Dr. Tom Lehmann. 

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Before coming to the counseling field, Kathryn trained as a theologian and worked professionally in parish and school ministry.  Kathryn works primarily with adults and couples.  She recognizes the sacredness of each person's story and strives to meet you where you are with gentleness and empathy in a holistic way.  Kathryn will collaborate with you as you work on your goals by focusing on your strengths, offering encouragement, and helping you to understand your purpose and patterns. In her free time, Kathryn enjoys reading, writing, walking, family, and coffee.


Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, emotion regulation, trauma, life transitions, identity exploration, and/or stress management? You deserve a counselor who is person-centered, strengths-based, and trauma-informed. Jessika's counseling style is warm, genuine, and direct. She believes in using humor with her clients when appropriate because laughter can be a very powerful tool, that often helps foster a sense of trust, and helps strengthen the counseling relationship. Jessika wants to help you feel at ease in your sessions.

You deserve a counselor who uses an integrated approach to meet your needs, listens and helps you feel heard, helps you dress real-world issues, and helps you to find relief, happiness, and peace. During her five years of teaching, Jessika saw the need for children to understand their feelings, be seen by adults, and gain skills for the real world.

As a human, you are doing your best with your resources. No matter your age, YOU have the capacity to grow, change and heal, and needing help on that journey is normal. While counseling can be difficult work, it can also be incredibly rewarding. I would love to walk with you through your journey and help guide you towards a better future.

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Exhale. There are a million thoughts running through your mind as you look for the right therapist. Not to mention the reason you're seeking therapy. How can you tell who will suit you best? Should you close your eyes and pick at random? Maybe your job has been demanding, and relationships feel like work. Maybe school is becoming increasingly stressful, or you just need someone to talk to. There is no “wrong” reason to seek therapy. Whether you have specific issues you need to process, or you’re simply not feeling like yourself, Brianne can help you work on personal growth and sustainable coping skills that will benefit your lifestyle.
One of Brianne's primary strategies to achieve this is by helping you pinpoint your values and uncover patterns that no longer serve you. From there, you can collaborate to identify tools and behaviors that will help your outside world match the inside.
You’re making your best effort to have it all together, but life is a lot to manage. We all deserve to have a moment of exhale in the midst of our busy schedules to process life or manage anxiety, stress or low mood. Allow Brianne to meet you where you’re at.