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Robert Bannasch

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Therapist Bio

The decision to seek therapy is not an easy one. I aim to make that decision as easy and comfortable as possible. I have a gentle personality and use a touch of humor to help make each client feel welcome and at ease. Individuals, couples, and families come to me because they need to work through a problem or issue. This might be anxiety, grief, couples or family counseling, health, loss of a job, or looking to build a happier, more fulfilling life, or numerous other reasons. I work hard to build an atmosphere that allows people to feel safe and understood. When clients leave, they feel healthier, happier, and more whole.

I work with all kinds of populations, but I have a special interest in working with adults struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, OCD, and individuals, couples, and families looking to repair, rebuild, and reconnect. Humor, authentic non-judgmental caring, and comfort are all a part of my work.

We all know that life can throw us all kinds of curveballs. When life throws us those difficulties, having someone to help you work through those issues is where the magic starts. Each person has the choice to sit back and let life happen to you or you can choose to embrace the challenge and face it head-on.

Specialties include: anxiety, trauma, PTSD, relationship issues, families, depression, OCD, self-esteem, gambling.

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