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Sandy Quaintance


Therapist Bio

High school can be a very difficult time in life. There is intense pressure and a pandemic that has made it even harder. Anxiety about friends and friend groups, frustration with teachers, poor self-esteem, feeling angry/ upset, or lonely most of the time can make relationships with family and going to school feel really hard. If you are struggling at this time in your life, please call me.

This is such an important time in life to work through some of the things that will help you know "What is making this so hard?" and "Who am I?" and "Who do I want to be?" We can work together to help you develop the skills to deal with the things that are causing your pain and holding you back and the tools to move you toward what is important to you.

I am willing to meet with you for a chat to see if you want me to be your counselor.... I have been working with youth for the past 20 years, and I really want to help you grow to face each day with confidence and hope.

Specialties: anxiety and depression.



  • Telehealth

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