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Sarah Weyenberg

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Therapist Bio

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”- Lao Tzu. Why as adults, have we stopped playing? We are never too old to benefit from fostering our inner child through play. Play comes in many forms. Nature is one of the best resources for play, for all ages. When we allow ourselves to reconnect with our natural environment & self, we can form greater connections with others, through meaningful presence, contentment, authenticity & love. I believe counseling is the work of the soul, and we don’t walk this journey alone!

My approach is based on a holistic wellness model, for mind, body, and I believe as individuals we are all doing the best we can with what we have. I treat clients with warmth and offer a peaceful/safe environment, for the exploration, of that which is most meaningful to you. Growth & healing is available!

As an experienced recreationalist, and trained counselor, I hope to bring my passion & therapeutic benefits from all things water (fishing, waterskiing, paddle boarding….), into clinical practice. “Everything is connected….when we can accept this, we can relax, because everything we could ever want or be, we already have and are.”- Russell & Baena.



  • Watertown

  • Telehealth

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