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Therapist Bio

Using holistic and integrative approaches, Amy has worked closely with clients suffering from various levels of trauma, sexual addictions, partners' recovery and childhood issues. Amy is an effective, caring and adaptable counselor with previous experience in private client consulting business. She's a mindful listener and strategic thinker with the ability to manage the many facets of client's concerns and goals. She aids in developing effective and efficient options, plans and action steps.

Seeing the uniqueness of others, Amy fosters creating awareness and motivation in her clients. A lifelong learner with many experiences from which to draw, she respects and identifies the many layers of trauma symptoms, and is willing to work outside the box in healing modalities.

Specialties include: sexual addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, partner's recovery.



  • Menomonee Falls

  • Waukesha

  • Telehealth

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