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Jaime Larsen
M.S., Doctoral Candidate

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Therapist Bio

I help patients work through trauma and disconnection from themselves that manifests in the forms of anxiety disorders, depression, perfectionism, perinatal anxiety and depression, and unwanted behaviors. My expertise as a doctoral level provider in Depth Psychology allows me to take a holistic, whole person approach to healing that sees you and your pain as more than a diagnosis. If you have tried traditional approaches to psychotherapy that have left you disheartened by the process, I am here to help.

I am a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology. Prior to working in outpatient psychotherapy and psychological testing, I have 15 years including residential treatment and county services. I use Jungian, Psychodynamic approaches in addition to CBT, and DBT techniques. My dissertation area is in holistic psychology.

If you're looking for a doctoral level therapist that treats you like a person and not a diagnosis to help you find your way, please reach out.



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