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Rich Brendle

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Therapist Bio

Some people, including myself, have had a point in life where they feel there is something more in life, but don't know how to get there. Others may have gotten to a point where they don't feel they have potential. No matter where you are at-broken, stuck, or just feel you need someone to guide you in your journey, I can help you. I love to work with people people through their struggles by taking a relational and evidence based approach that focuses on using ones strength to accomplish their purpose. When one learns to use their strengths, they often feel happier and become more successful.

I am passionate about integrating personal interests such as pop-culture, sci-fi, fantasy and role-playing games into therapy. I specialize in helping those with autism and Asperger's Syndrome cope with struggles and find their place in the world. Having degrees in both ministry and therapy, I also specialize in Christian Counseling.

We live in a hard world that can cause lots of pain. I have personally experienced pain in my own life and have learned to cope with disabilities. I love to help people cope with their struggles and utilize their strengths. I desire for my office to be a place of comfort and healing as clients learn to succeed in their own "Hero's Journey".

Specialties include: autism, Christian counseling.



  • Fond du Lac

  • Hartford

  • West Bend

  • Telehealth

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